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"The event that occurred at Procter Hug High School yesterday was heartbreaking for our Hug High family and community," Davis said at the press conference Thursday. She said she would like "to thank our dedicated officers with the Washoe County School District Police Department who acted so quickly to protect the safety of our students. Had it not been for their quick action and professionalism, I truly believe that the outcome could have been much worse for our students." What the Family Says The attorney for the student's family is questioning why the officer used his gun. Lawyer David Houston said the boy is a special needs student who was bullied at school and that he may lose a lung or suffer brain damage from the shooting. The father posted on Facebook on Wednesday night following the shooting, saying his 14-year-old son brought knives to school to defend himself. You have a very mentally unhinged student attempting to keep people away from him by swinging knives in the air, the lawyer, Houston, said. If thats worthy of execution, then I guess Im standing on a different platform than those people that think it appropriate to shoot a child. Police-Involved School Shooting Caught on Camera What Experts Say ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams said investigators will be looking at the chain of events leading up to the shooting, including what prompted the teen to wield a knife and threaten other students and what impelled the officer to pull the trigger. Any time theres an officer-related shooting, theres going to be an investigation. Theres going to be a very serious one here, Abrams said on ABCs Good Morning America on Friday.

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This could include violent outbursts and destruction of property. You need an advocate who will listen to you, help you clarify your goals and represent you zealously. Is she comfortable working with a couple that might be difficult to deal with? Fifty percent of family law attorneys who responded to the survey earn salaries in this range. Any person can file a dispute a person's power of attorney provided that she can prove she has an interest in the principal's well-being and that a judge's intervention is needed. Additional Considerations Ask the lawyer if he has experience in dealing with finances if you and your spouse have large investments or complicated finances. If you plan to retain a new attorney, retain his services before you terminate your relationship with your current lawyer. This is the first important question to ask, if you are married and the children were conceived during the marriage, then custody will be fought in Divorce Court, and many issues will determine the ultimate outcome. Tax forms, check stubs or proof of unemployment benefits if you have received unemployment may be documents you are asked to produce.

It can be complicated to sort out laws pertaining to divorce, and divorce lawyers help clients decide child custody, visitation rights, division of property and division of assets. You can also look in the phone book or on-line business directory for lawyers who specialize in your area of need. If a wife vetoes every settlement offer or overture made by her husband’s attorney, she is not negotiating in good faith. Concentrate on building a clientčle and reputable reputation as a lawyer. In fact the first burden of proof is 50-50 is the first custody hearing, where both parents have the same burden to prove who is the better parent. How to Choose a Child Custody Lawyer How to Choose a Child Custody Lawyer Choose the right child custody lawyer for family court.